Trip to Mae hong son

Lisu in Mae hong son

Li su family in the village

Queen Sirikit project in Mountain Mae hong son

Queen Sirikit's project in Pang tong, Queen project on hight mountain

Queen Sirikit project in Mountain Mae hong son

Boatong feild is blooming in Khun-yuam district in November

Mae hong son information

Mae hong son, the most tourist's destination to travel north of Thailand. The province is located close to Myanmar border. It has specific culture called "Thai Yai", it means Shan culture. The people who live in the city and in remote village. Mae hong son have many ethnics called Mhong, Karen (Ka-riang) Li su(Le-saw), Pa o and La Hu(Mu-sur). They are living together in same districts as difference village in mountain valleys. The Li Su (Le saw) live in Ampher Muang, Pai, Khunyuam, Karen live more in Muang, Khun yuam, Mae La noi, Mae sariang Submoie.

The culture mixed, There various of ethnic make culture mix in the same town. If you go in difference village you may know each village is difference..

Mae hong son public utility

There are have normal public utilities, the road 1095 is distance from Chiang mai about 210 km. and 108 route is 330 km. both route is good condition road to drive or for motorbike riding. The elctricity system produce from Chiang mai and some from small dam itself from Mae hong son. The electricity system always service with no problem but sometimes down on the rainy season. The internet and moblie system is fine, They have high speed internet in town but in some village has no signal.

You can read more Mae hong son's infomation in the link also

They also have health pubic service such as big hostital in Maphur Muang called Srisangval Hospital and hospital service in each district around the provice

The gas station, please consider they don't have NPG, LPG gas station in some district but normal gasoline is service in every petrol station.

Hotels and accomodatoins service in every districts, There are more than 3,000 hotels and geusthouse in Pai distric. They have a few guest house in Mae La noi and Sobmoiy district.

Restaurant is also open on day time in the village, but night time just open in Pai, Muang and Mae sariang district.

Season in Mae hong son

Hot season during February to April

Rainy season during May to September

Cold season during October to January

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