1 day trekkking to Doi Sun Fah, Mae Hong Son


Doi Sun Fah.

1 day trek to Doi Sun fah is for beginner trekker.


Doi Sun fah mountain

is located near Mae hong son town, northern Thailand.


Doi Sun fah.

trekking with the team so fun

Sun Fah means that the high mountain range lay down in the east of Mae hong son city. There is the best viewpoint just only way to get there by 4wd car. This trek program is designed for tourists who want to enjoy walking through the beautiful nature for 6 or 7 hours walking, The route mostly walking down. On the way, cooking and lunch in the jungle.


In the morning: Pick you up at your hotel. 4wd car takes us to the forest and mountainous, uphill along curve dirt road very steep. Stop at viewpoint Sun Fah you wonder about how beautiful landscape, standing on mountain slope and see below in valley. Take a breath fresh mountains air.

Start walking on foot, climb up steep slope mountain, 1 hour to the ridge and hiking on highland evergreen forest. Then walking along mountain ridge and slope 3 - 4 hours, you will see spectacular different view of mountain landscape. On the way, take a break and enjoy jungle cooking for lunch together.

Afternoon: Climb up hill again, continue walking down 3 - 4 hours passing through watershed forests and see several different types of forests, hill evergreen, pine, palms and bamboo forests. On late afternoon, out of jungle arrive at terrace rice field in low land valley, then return to Mae hong son town.

Remarks: Vegetarian please request and inform us before trekking.