How to get there

Planning trip to Mae Hong Son from Bangkok, Chiang Mai and wherever you are. Now a day you can get more route and comfortable just only click on internet. We have some information to recommende for tourist and traveler.

By bus

From Bangkok

14 hours The buses depart from Bangkok operate daily. It have only one company operate is Sombat tour. And they have terminal departure by themself. The ticket online available on thier website. The night bus is air condition included blanket and some snack. For more information please visit Sombat tour website.


By bus and mini van

From Chiang Mai

6 - 10 hours The way is more easier to take a bus from Chiangmai to Mae Hong Son by Prempracha Transport only one company. You will start from Bangkok to Chiangmai frist and then take a bus or mini van from Chiangmai to Mae Hong Son to via Pai on highway 1095 route. It take about 6 hours by mini van and amount 10 seats or mini bus for 30 persons will take about 8 hours. [Prempracha route 612 or orange route.] Another route is highway 108 by fan bus and coach take about 10 hours via Mae Sariang. [Prempracha route 170 or green route.] For more information please visit Prempracha Transport website.


By plane

Direct flight from Chiang Mai

35 mintues There are 2 airlines operate fly from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son daily routine.Please check it out and get the best fare on their website Karn Airlines and Bangkok Air.


By tour

Operate by our services

1 day tour This is a good idea and a wide range of optional excursions when go to Mae Hong Son by mini van. Our services also have transfer from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son for 1 day tour before and after trekking program. Please feel free to contact us and get more information.